Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

2022 Honda Accord

Have you just purchased a brand new Honda Accord? If you want to keep your new Honda vehicle in optimal condition, you’ll want to follow your Honda Accord service schedule. Find out more about what types of maintenance your Accord needs during your visits to our Ken Ganley Honda Service Center below. Then, when you’ve reached your next service interval, schedule an appointment at our North Olmsted dealership! 

Honda Accord Service Schedule Intervals

Once you have 7,500 miles on the odometer, you’ll want to begin adhering to the service intervals in your Honda Accord maintenance schedule. Your Accord service schedule has routine maintenance checks set up until you hit 120,000 miles, after which you’ll want to consult with our certified Honda technicians for more information. For now, take a look at the services you’ll need to receive at each mile-marker: 

7,500 – 22,500 – 37,500 – 52,500 – 67,500 – 82,500 miles

  • Lubricate Throttle Linkage
  • Inspect Tire Pressure and Treads
  • Change Oil and Filter
  • Inspect Brakes
  • Rotate Tires
  • Check and Replace Fluids

15,000 – 45,000 – 75,000 – 105,000 miles 

  • Inspect Steering Gear Box, Steering Systems, and Steering Wheel
  • Inspect Lights, Interior Lamps, and Exterior Lamps
  • Re-Torque Drive Shaft
  • Check Park Brake
  • Service Transmission
  • Replace Air Conditioning Filter
  • Inspect Brake Hoses and Linings
  • Inspect Differential Oil
  • Inspect Fuel Systems
  • Inspect A/C and Heater Operation
  • Replace Spark Plugs As Needed
  • Replace Windshield Wipers
  • Replace Oil Drain Plug and Gasket
  • Check and Adjust Clutch Pedal
  • Check Struts and Shocks
  • Inspect Undercarriage
  • Balance and Rotate Wheels
  • Lubrication of Chassis and All Hinges

30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 – 120,000 miles

  • Inspect Battery and Clean Terminals
  • Propeller Shaft Flex Coupling Inspection
  • Check All Exterior and Interior Lamps
  • Inspect Air Elements
  • Check Transfer Case Oil
  • Replace Differential Oil
  • Service Battery and Clean Cables
  • Service Transmission
  • Inspect Fuel Tank Cap Gasket, Fuel Lines, and Connections
  • Lubricate Wheel Bearings
  • Lubricate Propeller Shaft
  • Service PCV Valve
  • Road Test and Quality Control

Get High-Quality Honda Accord Service at Ken Ganley Honda

Familiarizing yourself with the Honda Accord service schedule is a great way to keep track of your regular maintenance checkups. If you have any questions about your upcoming Honda Accord service appointments, we encourage you to contact us at Ken Ganley Honda for clarification. We’re dedicated to keeping you and your Honda vehicle on North Olmsted roads for as long as possible! 


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