Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

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Is the lease on your Honda vehicle about to be up? Thinking of returning a leased car early? There’s no need to worry – the lease return process is a relatively easy one. Find out more about how returning a leased car works with the finance team at Ken Ganley Honda, explore your end-of-lease options, and then visit us at our North Olmsted dealership to take your car-buying journey into your own hands! 

What to Bring When Returning a Leased Car

If you’re returning your leased car early to Ken Ganley Honda, you’ll want to be sure that you have the necessary items to ensure that the lease return process is quick and easy. Here is what you’ll want to bring with you to Ken Ganley Honda located just outside of Westlake:

  • Maintenance Records
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Keys/Spare Keys
  • Repair Receipts
  • Vehicle Inspection Report

How Does Returning a Leased Car Work? 

Returning your leased car early is as easy as delivering it to our dealership’s lot. You can even return your leased vehicle to Ken Ganley Honda if your lease was from another Olmsted Falls-area dealership! Just follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Leave Your Car, Truck, or SUV at Ken Ganley Honda: You’ll leave your car at our dealership. 
  2. Await Vehicle Inspection: One of our team members will inspect the car for any damage, as well as check its overall quality. 
  3. Calculate Penalty Fees: If there are extra miles on the odometer that exceed limitations, or if there’s any wear and tear on the car, you may be incur penalty fees. 
  4. Choose an End-of-Lease Option: After the inspection is completed, you can choose your next course of action; upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy your current leased vehicle outright, or simply walk away and choose one of our new, used, or certified pre-ownedvehicles. 

Returning a Leased Car Early

So, can you return a leased car early without being subjected to penalties? You’ll need to check with your specific leasing company to be safe, but most companies allow for an early lease return. Keep in mind that even if you’re returning a leased car early, you’re still responsible for paying off the owed amount. However, you’ll no longer have to make monthly lease payments and you can still upgrade to a newer lease model. 

Return Your Leased Car at Ken Ganley Honda Today!

Returning your leased car early is a streamlined and uncomplicated process when you visit Ken Ganley Honda! Reach out to us for more information about returning your leased car or to find out more end-of-lease options available to North Olmsted drivers. We can’t wait to help you upgrade to a newer Honda lease soon! 


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